Daniel Prussky

Manager of Bathurst and Sheppard Branches


Daniel began his career selling real estate and worked for a couple of different real estate brokerage firm’s including Harvey Kalles Real Estate in the 1990’s. In 1999, Daniel took on the position of Director of Sales at Realtor.com/Homestore.ca for Canada. Daniel worked with Sales Representatives/Brokers and Broker/Owners across the country in this role to help them have an enhanced web presence particularly through the display and presentation of listings on the internet. Daniel also provided a lot of training to Realtors® in this role both in one-on-one and large group settings. It was at Homestore where Daniel first established a relationship with Richard and Alex Pilarski and Realtron.In 2003, Daniel went back to selling real estate full time and in December 2008 chose to join Realtron. Daniel has a passion and excellent knowledge of the real estate brokerage business and enjoys working with all members of the industry.

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