Are you selling houses or building a business?

The difference is vast!

The most successful sales people build a business that is repeatable, manageable and saleable!

That’s why we have created The Realtron Legacy Program, 7 Pillars that help you build your repeatable, manageable and saleable business, (either to another agent, or to pass on to your children).

The 7 Pillars of Realtron’s Legacy Program

  1. Strategic Success plan
  2. Incorporation/ Tax Optimization 
  3. Insurance Optimization 
  4. Business Systems 
  5. Support Team
  6. Asset Acquisition
  7. Saleable Business ( Succession Planning)

Sub brokerage or Incorporation is just one of the seven pillars!

Why do individuals Incorporate?

For most, it’s the tax savings! Lower tax rate 16% vs 54% over $200,000 income.

For many it’s the prestige and the control of marketing and decision making one has by being the President of one’s own company.

The reality is that most professionals in Canada, doctors, lawyers, accountants, are incorporated and it’s a legitimate way of tax deferrals, using money that you would normally pay as taxes to grow your personal wealth, like a second RRSP!

To find out why over 50  agents like Barry Cohen, Bill Thom, Eli Bakhtiari, Jennifer Clements, Jim Mo, Barina Guo and Peyvand Jalali became involved in our Legacy program contact your local manager.